Whether you schedule a private training or come to our awesome classes, we will map out a routine that will fit your goals and fitness level. Our motivational trainers are ready to help you, best part is, all you have to do is show up!

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Shred: (Jenergy) high volume, light weights, cardio and conditioning that will challenge you and make you sweat

Strong & Lean: (Taylor Vanderslice) this is our strength and endurance class that can be modified to any level. Different goals are set with different seasons. These classes always have a solid progression with a definitive beginning and end and are results driven. We encourage our members to mark their progress and record all weights etc. all movements can be modified and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Maximize: (Coach Kev) perfect compliment to Strong and Lean, Coach Kev is here to be everyone’s coach, he can customize a workout for you or take you through the WOD (workout of the Day). We will make sure you don’t repeat any movement that are done during the other class days… and have lots of fun.

Bodyweight Blast: come challenge yourself with all bodyweight movements, lots of sweat AND RUNNING, OH AND Fun!!!

Active Stretch and Core: half hour of challenging your core and half hour of a rejuvenating active stretch routine. Leave feeling invigorated.